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Bingo Pro's quietest tabletop bingo blowers are ideal for recreational as well as for-profit events. They are commonly used in: R.V Parks, Trailer Parks, V.A Hospitals, Active Adult Communities, Retirement Homes, School Fundraising Events, and Church Fundraising.

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Unimax Random Bingo Paper

3on vertical strip of Unimax random style bingo paper


  • All 75 numbers appear at least once on every 6 ON (two strips vertically arranged) with UniMax Player Preferred® series. A number may or may not be on any single strip.
  • Series

  • We have 9 different non-duplicating series from 1 to 99096 available in 3on, 6on, 9on, 12on, 15on & 18on configurations. Other layouts such as 4on square can be ordered.
  • Loose Strips

  • We carry all standard paper colours in loose 3on vertical strips from the 27-36000 series that can either be used to match a colour in your game book or can be sold in a different colour for your out-of-the-book SPECIAL games.
  • Loose strips from other series can be ordered.
  • Special Imprints

  • Accumulator, Jackpot, Players Progressive and Super Jackpot. Available in 2 series: 36,001 – 45,000 and 45,001 – 54,000.
  • Increased Player Action And Excitement

  • Unimax paper has its numbers arranged by a mathmatical model designed to give players more dabbing action & excitement with every number called.

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Casino Tear Open Cards

3on vertical strip of Unimax random style bingo paper


  • Great for linked and progressive games!
  • Available with free space number and with or without audit number for easy verification.
  • Black-out block prevents cheating.
  • Black numbers are dark and easy to read.
  • Actual face size: 4 7/8" H x 3 3/4" W.

Ways to Play

Before your regular session starts, call 48 numbers and post them on the flashboard. Sell tear-opens throughout your game. A player with a coverall wins the jackpot. If there is no winner with 48 numbers, continue calling numbers until there's a winner for a consolation prize. Try a "second chance" option to increase sales: offer players the chance to trade in a sheet and buy two new sheets for the price of one.

Border Colours

  • BlueBlue

  • OrangeOrange

  • GreenGreen

  • PinkPink

  • YellowYellow

  • Red

  • PurplePurple

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