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Bingo Pro's quietest tabletop bingo blowers are ideal for recreational as well as for-profit events. They are commonly used in: R.V Parks, Trailer Parks, V.A Hospitals, Active Adult Communities, Retirement Homes, School Fundraising Events, and Church Fundraising.

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Break Open Nevada Ticket Control Methods

Nevada ticket sellers are wise to be concerned with the protection of the monies & tickets on site. A problem with cash and ticket inventory can occur if an unscrupulous staff person plays tickets or skims cash. To prevent this Bingo Pro can offer several alternative methods to secure Nevada Tickets and funds generated on a shift by shift basis. These include:

Nevada Gold double electronic ticket dispensing machine

  • Multi box system
  • High speed ticket counter
  • High speed electronic ticket dispenser.

Contact us for details on Nevada Ticket Control Methods.


  • Fastest ticket dispenser in the world!
  • Dispenses 7 tickets per second
  • Each column holds up to 1,000 tickets
  • Supports a wide variety of tickets
  • Flexible pricing per column; add variety and attract new players with 25¢, 50¢ tickets and $1.00 tickets
  • Dispenses 3 and 5 window tickets
  • Available in a 4 column or 8 column version
  • Accounting

  • Accurate sales recording for easy tracking
  • Easy access to accounting functions
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • Variable pricing per column
  • Sales totals permanently stored in electronic memory
  • Resettable cash accountability by individual P.I.N. numbers

Security & Service

  • Secure and easy to maintain
  • PIN number access menu-driven operation
  • Quick front-loading ticket columns
  • Individual modular ticket columns are removable for easy service without affecting the operation of other columns
  • Can be wall mounted

Our Sensitive scales can detect the difference of just one ticket

electronic counting scales demonstration images

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