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Bingo Pro's quietest tabletop bingo blowers are ideal for recreational as well as for-profit events. They are commonly used in: R.V Parks, Trailer Parks, V.A Hospitals, Active Adult Communities, Retirement Homes, School Fundraising Events, and Church Fundraising.

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Break Open `Nevada Tickets'

Nevada tickets have had an interesting history over many decades as a fundraising tool throughout North America. These gambling tickets go by various common names in different regions such as pull tabs, break-open tickets, pickle cards, bowl games or popp-opens. Each set of tickets is manufactured with a preset number of tickets that have a common serial number throughout each separate set or `deal' that come in their own box.

Each deal has a set price per ticket with a guaranteed prize value and net profit. One or two jurisdictions permit private tavern owners to sell these tickets for their own profit. However the vast majority of provinces and states only permit them to be sold under an approved lottery license for the benefit of non-profit or charitable organizations.

Bingo Event tickets for non-profit fundraisers

A more recent spin on the Nevada ticket concept are Bingo Event tickets. See this section of our site for a further explanation about how these small count games can revitalize your bingo sessions.

Bingo Pro is a fully licensed supplier of Nevada & Bingo Event tickets for the province of Ontario and can supply to certain other jurisdictions as well. We also provide Gaming Services throughout Ontario as a turn-key service for non-profit fundraisers through ticket sales in convenience stores, taverns & lottery kiosks.

Contact Bingo Pro for a friendly consultation on setting up Nevada tickets as a form of raising money for your organization.