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About Us

Bingo Pro traces its history back to 1984 when our company president operated one of the largest commercial bingo facilities in North America.

We specialize in supplying community bingos conducted by customers like seniors’ organizations, service clubs, VA hospitals, First Nations and housing authorities. We operate a friendly, customer-focused business that works hard to make sure even our smallest clients are served quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Bingo Pro man with thumbs up for service

So why should your organization make its next equipment purchase from Bingo Pro?

  • Our portable `tabletop’ bingo blowers are the next level in quality and quiet operation.
  • We make several custom upgrades to our portable blower units that make them the quietest available in a metal cabinet.

  • Bingo Pro offers the most extensive selection of blowers and flashboards at various price ranges so you can mix and match to suit your budget.

  • We ship to anywhere in the world, so we use military grade packaging to try and ensure that your new bingo system arrives intact to your location.

Although you can purchase our most popular items directly through our website shopping cart we certainly invite you to call or email us with any specific questions you may have about your desired purchase, especially for how best to arrange shipments outside of North America.

We look forward to serving your bingo requirements.

Contact Info

Toll Free

 Phone: 1.800.661.2464
 Fax: 1-888-670-2257

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