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Bingo Systems Bundled with 5ft. Flash Boards and Control Panels

We want to make your shopping experience easy so, for this reason, below we have combined our three top-selling bingo systems: Portable Tabletop Bingo Machines with our 5ft. Gold Line portable L.E.D. Flashboard and Control Panel. * Please Note: Our “Black” Gold Line machine requires no Control Panel as it comes with a built-in Verifier.

Bingo Systems

blue econo bingo machine combination includes portable flashboard, control panel & set of bingo balls

Bingo Pro’s Silver Line System with 5ft. Flash Board & Control Pad

Gold Line Bingo Machine

Bingo Pro’s Gold Line System with 5ft. Flash Board & Control Pad

black verifying bingo mini system with direct cabled portable 5ft flashboard and set of balls

Bingo Pro’s Programmable Gold Line System with a built-in Verifier, 5ft. Flash Board & Control Pad

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