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Bingo Machines 

Bingo Machines for charity fundraisers, seniors residences and commercial bingo events.

 Sliders & Hard Cards


Order Accessories and Supplies on any scale.

Paper Types

We carry a complete assortment of bingo paper types as are listed below:

  • Perfectmax dab once style
  • Capital self select colors when in booklets
  • Game booklets designed to your requirements
  • Custom printed TV/Radio bingo paper

Specialty papers

  • Horizon multi colored paper
  • Quick Dab pre-patterned paper
  • Starburst
  • Red, White & Blue paper

Bullet Proof Shipping

Bingo Pro man with thumbs up for service

After years of shipping our products worldwide, we learned the hard way about packaging quality. As a rule, most firms directly ship equipment out in the original manufacturer’s carton to save time and cost; we, however, use military grade packaging to deal with the rigors of the transportation industry. We add styrofoam around and under our equipment then put it back in its original carton. First, we build a new stronger box around the original one, and then we tie it all together using heavy duty poly strapping. Even though we insure your shipment, we’d rather spend the time to ship it right the first time than fighting with couriers over damaged goods. In conclusion, we want your organization to congratulate you on a wise purchase arriving intact, so you are ready to play.

We are specialists in Seniors and community recreational Bingo.

If your organization is seeking a fundraising opportunity or just a fun activity for your members, we offer many price ranges for equipment and supplies because we want you to realize your goals on any budget.

We have also serviced all sectors of our industry for nearly 30 years. So whether you are a commercial hall, a First Nation hall, service club, Legion, church or a retail store, few suppliers can match our personalized care to ensure there are no interruptions to your fundraising events.

As a result of our growing population of active seniors, social gaming occasions are also developing steadily. There is nothing like our portable bingo machines to bring folks together for a fun time. Also, the game is excellent for a local community center or a seniors club or residence because friendly and social competition keeps players mind’s sharp.

For this reason, we carry several lines of tabletop bingo machines. Check out our economy Silver Line tabletop models, and our mid-priced Gold Line bingo machines can be sold together with our optional flashboards. Great products add a professional touch to your events. Don’t forget to check first with your state and national granting bodies. You’ll find there are in fact an increasing number of equipment grants aimed at keeping seniors active and engaged.

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