Complete Bingo Systems with 8ft. Flash Boards and Control Panels

Purchase one of our Complete Bingo Systems to get everything you need to begin playing. Combine your choice of any of our low noise portable tabletop bingo machines below with our 8 ft. Gold Line portable L.E.D. Flashboards and *Control Panels. Your wise purchase will add an altogether new level of interest that your players are going to love.
*Please Note: Our “Black” machine already has a built-in verifier. Therefore, it is not required to purchase the Control Panel with this model.


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Bingo Pro’s Silver Line System with 8ft. Flash Board & Control Pad

Bingo Pro’s exclusive Gold Line bingo machine with 8ft. Flashboard & Control Pad

Bingo Pro’s exclusive Gold Line bingo blower with built-in Electronic Bingo Verifier with 8ft. Flashboard

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