Bingo Cards & Paper

Stock up on your supply of Bingo Cards & Paper. Order by phone, whether it be Perfectmax or Unimax Paper, Slider or Hard Cards or Booklets. In addition to Bingo Cards & Paper, we also supply Media Bingo Products.

Unimax Random Bingo Paper

Unimax Random Bingo Paper

All 75 numbers appear at least once on every 6 ON (two strips vertically arranged) with UniMax Player Preferred® series.

Perfectmax Dab All Style

Perfectmax Dab All Stylepaper

All 75 numbers appear once and only once on every 3 ON vertical strip.

Bingo Slider Cards

Standard 7″x7″ card

Jumbo 8″x9″ card

Bingo Booklets

Bingo Cards & Paper showing a book of Bingo paper

All 75 numbers appear at least once on every 6 ON (two strips vertically arranged) with UniMax Player Preferred® series.

Bingo Paper Styles

We recommend four or five-page mini or “zip” games for playing prior to your main game. The profit generated will pay for much of the bingo paper that will be used during your main session.
Main event bingo game books are stocked from six to fourteen-page booklets in various cuts (widths/strips) that can be purchased by the single box.

Purchase only what you need

At Bingo Pro you can purchase only what you need per order thereby keeping your inventory cost low. We will also stock books over fourteen pages for custom order clients. We offer unique styles of bingo paper for those who wish to introduce something different into their game. Call us about the following specialty papers.

  • Star burst
  • Red, White & Blue
  • Horizon Vertical Multi Coloured Paper
  • Quick Dab Patterned Paper

Bingo Cards & Paper Glossary

Face Card

Bingo Cards & Paper showing a Face Card

An individual bingo sheet, which contains 24 numbered squares plus a free space.


Bingo Cards & Paper showing a Strip of 3 Cards

The most common arrangement of cards is a sequence of 3 cards on a vertical strip

Purchase only what you need

Bingo Cards & Paper showing a Bingo Book of paper

Books are organized in the number of face cards “on” a sheet (ONS) and the number of pages “up” through a book of glued sheets (UPS). Thus the term 3on 4up means 3 face cards per page on each of a 4 page book or a 1 strip x 4 page book.

Media Bingo Supplies

Bingo Pro also supplies many media bingos across Ontario. These media bingos are played out on local TV , Radio stations and Newspapers with cards being sold at local outlets and convenience stores around the area. Call us for a friendly consultation.

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Phone: 1.800.661.2464

Outside North America

01-705-670 2333 

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We pack our bingo products to arrive intact.

After years of shipping bingo products worldwide we certainly learned the hard way about packaging quality. While, for instance, most Bingo firms simply ship equipment out in the original manufacturer’s carton to save time and cost, Bingo Pro uses military grade packaging to deal with the rigors of the transportation industry. Firstly, we add styrofoam around and under our equipment then put it back in its original carton. Then finally we build a new stronger box around the original one using heavy duty poly strapping to tie it all together. Even though we insure your shipment, we’d rather spend the time to ship it right the first time than fighting with couriers over damaged goods. We want your organization to congratulate you on a wise purchase arriving intact, so you are ready to play Bingo like a Pro.